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A while ago I drank too much and ordered a Ke$ha ticket. I'm glad I did! The concert was tonight; I just got home. I'm not ashamed to admit that I knew all the words to all the songs.

The opening band, Semi Precious Weapons, was also Lady Gaga's opening band. They have great energy live, but they still feel like a band I wish I could get into. It's hard not to like a singer who's so obviously into Bowie, though. The other opening act was Mike Posner - I'd never heard of this guy but he was okay. Actually, the thing that stuck out to me personally was how he was backed by two guys - a DJ and a drummer. I thought that was kind of neat. You get all the digital stuff but there's live, acoustic drums in the mix.

I can't be too objective about Ke$ha because I love her too much. The show was probably the biggest spectacle I've ever seen at the Myth - dancers, smoke machines, non-stop glitter raining down on everyone, etc. At one point she implored the crowd to go "extra fucking crazy," which is funny because that's exactly what Ozzy always says. Like Lady Gaga, she had a kickass guitar player in her band that filled out the sound on all the tunes, not just the guitar-based ones. I can't pick my favorite song because THEY'RE ALL MY FAVORITE, but "Take It Off" was really cool. They added tons of electric guitar to it and it sounded totally metal. But sexy.


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